At Waterview Market we love the earth, the sea, and everything in between. From preservation of mangrove trees to low-density ponds, we aim to be environmentally mindful in all aspects of our business.

At Waterview Market, sourcing seafood in a responsible manner is at the core of everything we do.

• Strict Bio-Security

Our hatchery ponds are closely monitored by local governments. We are committed to ensuring a virtually contaminant-free environment in all our hatcheries.

The hatcheries are well equipped with modern laboratories and technicians who scrupulously monitor the health of the shrimp seeds, ensuring they are produced using strictly-followed bio-secured methods.

• BAP Certification

Our facilities have a 3-star BAP rating, the highest certification level in the industry.

• Environmental Responsibility

Premier Marine is committed to the maintenance of sustainable fisheries and we are in the process of being ASC certified by 2015. ASC is well known as the highest standard of environmentally responsible aquaculture practices available today.

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